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Digital Dentistry in Mundelein, IL

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Excellent Dentistry provides digital dentistry for families in Mundelein, Illinois. To learn more, call 847-566-7850  or schedule an appointment directly online.

What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to the use of digital technology in various ways to deliver dental care. Digital technology can be used in dental diagnosis, procedures, treatments, and even record keeping.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Here at Excellent Dentistry, we have adopted digital technology in various ways due to the following benefits:

Advanced diagnostics. Digital X-rays and scanners make it possible for dentists to detect oral health concerns early and with less exposure to radiation.

More comfortable procedures. Digital imaging has eliminated the need for putty impressions that can be uncomfortable for patients.

Improved treatment planning. CBCT scanners use digital technology to create 3D images of the mouth that can be used in treatment planning.

Faster recovery. The use of digital dentistry can make procedures less invasive, resulting in faster recovery times for patients.

Better outcomes. When digital technology is used in the planning and delivery of dental treatment, patients often experience better outcomes than with traditional methods.

Secure personal information. Digital record keeping helps patients’ information to stay secure with a lower risk of being compromised.

Procedures Offered

We utilize the following types of digital technology in our practice:

  • Digital X-Rays. We use digital X-rays to minimize the amount of radiation exposure our patients experience. Digital X-rays use a small fraction of the radiation that is required for traditional film X-rays.
  • CBCT Scanners. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanners allow us to create more effective treatment plans from the 3D images created, as well as more accurate procedures.
  • Digital Impressions. Digital impressions are not only cleaner and more comfortable, they are also more accurate. We can create crowns and other dental prosthetics that fit properly and look more natural.
  • Electronic Medical Records. Digital technology allows us to keep electronic medical records, which are more secure and reduce the amount of physical paperwork we have to file and store.

Why Choose Excellent Dentistry?

At Excellent Dentistry we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technology and best practices in dentistry, which is why we use digital technology in every way possible. Dental technology is constantly evolving to improve the patient experience, and we stay on top of each advancement in order to provide you with the highest quality care. As new equipment is developed, we replace the old with the new, upgrading to the latest equipment and tools. We also ensure that our dentists and staff are thoroughly trained on new technology as it comes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

Do digital X-rays still use radiation?
There is still some radiation exposure during digital X-Rays, but it is minimal and well within safe levels. We also use protective coverings for patients during X-rays to prevent exposure to the rest of the body and other organs.
What is a CBCT Scanner?
CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. A cone-shaped beam is used to make digital images of the mouth that are three dimensional, making it easier for dentists to visualize the procedures that need to be done.
How are electronic medical records kept secure?
Digital information for electronic medical records can be encrypted or coded so that only authorized people and programs can interpret them. EMRs are also password protected.
Does it cost more to use digital technology in dentistry?
A common myth about technology, in general, is that it costs more and may increase the cost of dental services. In actuality, it cuts costs in many ways by streamlining processes and detecting early signs of dental and oral health concerns so that they can be addressed more easily.
Will I be able to understand digital dentistry if I’m not very tech savvy?
Digital dentistry does not make dental care more complex. If anything, it simplifies it. Digital tools can make it easier for dentists to explain diagnostics and treatment plans to patients.

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