Excellent Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Regular exams and cleanings are the foundation upon which your beautiful smile is built.

Regular exams and cleanings allow us to catch any signs of disease early and treat it aggressively before significant damage is done.

Keep your beautiful esthetic dentistry safe and secure with regular scheduled exams and cleanings.

Sealants are an excellent preventative tool against cavities recommended for all ages.

Food can easily get caught in the grooves of your back teeth leading to cavities. Sealants cover these grooves to create a smoother surface, preventing food from getting caught allowing you to clean your teeth more easily.

When we find cavities, we conservatively remove the cavity and use a strong tooth-colored material to replace the missing tooth structure.

Dental restorations, or fillings, are a great and simple way to treat early cavities while preserving tooth structure with a near invisible finish.

We love sports and we know you do to. Protect your teeth with our custom-made mouthguards that comfortably fit around your teeth while providing the necessary protection against impact.

Our custom fit allows for a sleeker and better fitting product, that protects your teeth while minimally impacting your ability to breath when on the field.

Many people unknowingly grind or clench their teeth at night. This can not only result in damage to the teeth, but also cause pain to the jaw and even the rest of the head.

We can fabricate strong, thin night guards to wear while sleeping to protect against tooth grinding. Therefore, you can get a restful night of sleep knowing your beautiful smile is safe and secure.